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Worcester Cultural Coalition Membership

Membership is open to any cultural group or institution that supports the stated mission of the Cultural Coalition and meets the membership criteria established by the Board of Directors.

Criteria of Membership

  • Any cultural organization or group that is a nonprofit entity with a record of at least two years of implementing its mission.
  • Must be located in Worcester County
  • Membership levies: are asked to pay $100 for every $100,000 in their operating budgets during each fiscal year. (e.g., an organization with a budget of $500,000 would submit a payment of $500.) The minimum amount for membership is $100.

Membership benefits

Membership entitles organizations to:

  • Promotion by the Worcester Cultural Coalition's joint marketing campaign outlets
  • Participation in Worcester Cultural Coalition special events.
  • Representation on the city's web site.

For Membership inquiries please contact Culture@Worcesterma.gov