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Worcester Cultural Coalition Members Area

Event Promotion

To help promote your organization and arts and culture in Worcester, all members are required to post their public and private events to the Worcester Cultural Calendar. This is done by entering your events into the Social Web and on the add event form, request that your event be added to the "City of Worcester - Cultural Calendar" calendar. Review the list of calendars for other possible calendars your event may be applicable for. If you are having a member only event and you do not have a Social Web calendar for your website, select "Other" from the Audience Affiliation field so that it will not appear on the Social Web.

If your organization has a Social Web account, e-mail williamse@worcesterma.gov to request access to add events directly to the Cultural Coalition calendar.

Event Planning

By adding member only events into the system, organizations can avoid scheduling major events that conflict with each other. At the bottom of the city calendar is a link to the "Public & Private Events Calendar" which will show all events in the system which can be used for planning purposes.

Arts & Culture Directory

Your organization listing on the Arts & Culture website is generated by the place description entered in the Social Web. Be sure to review your listing regularly to verify your description, hours, keywords, etc.

If you do not have the ability to edit your place listing, create a Social Web account using a generic e-mail address for your organization and e-mail webmaster@socialweb.net requesting the ability to edit your place listing.

Cross promotion

Spreading the word about all of the great cultural activity in Worcester is what we are about. We encourage you to include the WCC logo and web address (www.worcestermass.org/culture) in your promotional materials. The website includes events and info for cultural coalition organizations.

Printed Material

Worcester Cultural Coalition Logo

The official logo colors are Pantone 5415 and Pantone 5135

Linking to This Site

As a member of the Worcester Cultural Coalition, your organization is encouraged to link to the City of Worcester's marketing and economic development web site. Depending on the nature of your site, you may wish to link to various sections of the site. In order to use any of the text or graphical link options listed below, you or your web site administrator should simply copy the code provided into your webpage where you would like the link to be.

Linking ToExampleCode
Homepage City of Worcester <a href="http://www.worcestermass.org/">City of Worcester</a>
Arts & Culture Worcester Arts & Culture <a href="http://www.worcestermass.org/culture/">Worcester Arts & Culture</a>
Arts & Culture Worcester Arts & Culture <a href="http://www.worcestermass.org/culture/"><img src="http://www.worcestermass.org/linking/culturalcoalition.gif" width="100" height="130" border="0" alt="Worcester Arts & Culture"></a>