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Worcester Cultural Coalition


What is the Worcester Cultural Coalition?

The Worcester Cultural Coalition ( WCC) is a public-private partnership established in 1999 between the City of Worcester and twelve cultural organizations. Today membership stands at 75 organizations, accounting for more than 2.7 million visitors to Worcester in calendar 2015, up from 1.5 million in 2006. Its mission is to draw on Worcester's rich and diverse cultural assets to foster economic revitalization, support active, creative engagement for all and promote a strong cultural identity for Greater Worcester.

Worcester Cultural Coalition Vision

The WCC supports and encourages action that meets these creative goals by always keeping in minds the following:

  • Cultivate, nurture and reward creativity anytime, anywhere. Ensure that every Worcester resident has the opportunity to be creative and innovative.
  • Value risk-taking and invest in opportunity-making. Remove regulatory barriers and encourage unique and interesting projects.
  • Celebrate and support Worcester's strengths, such as its diversity of people, history and architecture, arts and culture, restaurants and nightlife, innovators and entrepreneurs, schools and parks and events and sports.
  • Inspire and encourage civic engagement. Collaborate. Let all stakeholders share responsibility for positive change. Refuse to support mediocrity, intolerance, disconnectedness, sprawl, poverty, bad schools, exclusivity and social and environmental degradation.
  • Be authentic and distinct. Develop and market Greater Worcester's existing, unique assets.