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Jeppson Idea Lab: Master Vases from Ancient Greece

Art - Exhibit

Thursday, October 5, 2017 - Sunday, April 8, 2018

Worcester Art Museum
55 Salisbury Street
Worcester, MA 01609
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This exhibition features three of WAM's best ancient Greek vases: a neck-amphora by the Painter of the Munich Atalante featuring the hero Herakles (1966.63); a stamnos by the the Tyszkiewicz Painter showing the mortal Peleus capturing the sea nymph Thetis (1953.92); and a lekythos by the Achilles Painter depicting two women carrying offerings for the dead (1900.65). Each vase, made in Athens over 2,500 years ago, illustrates one of the major vase-painting techniques: red-figure, black-figure and white ground. The ingenious firing methods the potters used to produce their distinctive red and black colors mark a milestone in the history of ceramic technology that scientists were only able to reproduce in the 20th century.

Image: Lekythos representing Two Women Carrying Offerings to the Dead by the Achilles Painter (1900.65)

Cost: Free with Museum Admission

Suggested Audiences:Elementary, Middle School, High School, College, Adult, Elders

Website: http://www.worcesterart.org/exhibitions/jeppson-idealab-master-vases-ancient-greece/

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