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History & Heritage

City of Worcester: History & Heritage - New

Politeness and Public Life in Early America  and Today By Steven C. Bullock

History / Heritage - Lecture/Discussion

Tuesday, September 26, 2017
7:00 PM-9:00 PM

American Antiquarian Society
185 Salisbury Street
Worcester, MA 01609
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Long before current fears about incivility in public life  before anxieties about Twitter shaming and cable-news name-calling  politeness was very much on the minds of American leaders. Eighteenth-century leaders like Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin considered politeness an essential part of a free society, a part of the larger project of challenging authoritarian rule. Drawing upon his new book, Tea Sets and Tyranny, this lecture examines why civility seemed so important in early America  and why it seems so problematic today.

Cost: Free

Woo Pass: 2 Woo Points

Suggested Audiences:Elders, Adult, College

Website: http://www.americanantiquarian.org
Phone: 5087555221

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