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Music To Go

Music To Go provides lives instrumental performances in the Worcester Public Schools. Instrumental trios from each family of the orchestra, performed by professional musicians from the Joy of Music Program, visit elementary schools to give a 45-minute info-performance. For 2013-14 school year the targeted level is grade 4.

The goal of each trio is to give a brief overview of how the instruments are played, demonstrate the ways they can be used in various musical genres and to introduce larger concepts such as compositional structure, music history, as well as music, math and science concepts related to the grade level curriculum. Most importantly, the program helps make classical music accessible and meaningful to children and may encourage them to choose to study an instruments themselves. This is an interactive program with ample time at the end of each performance devoted to student questions and suggestions.

Music To Go is sponsored by the Music Guild of Music Worcester, which encourages and supports music education for adults and children as well as supporting the performance of live music.

The program helps students understand music/math concepts of division of beat, rhythm (note value fractions), science concepts of pitch as related to size/length of instrument, as well as a greater understanding of how music relates to history, ideas and customs of people living in various times. It also helps them to see that music making is not just for celebrities somewhere far away, but is done by real people in their own communities and accessible to everyone. All the groups discuss music's role ini society at present and before the time of recording and electronics; the accepted etiquette for live performances and the reasons behind it; and include a question-and-answer period. This is often a first opportunity for urban, low income or non-English speaking students to experience classical music as well as contemporary music.