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Make the LEAP

Reaching all students through cultural partnerships

A Culture LEAP offers a full grade level the opportunity to engage in the rich resources of a cultural institution or organization.

What is a LEAP?

LEAPS are developed in collaboration with crriculum liaisons, classroom teachers, cultural educators and other personnel from the institution who are knowledgeable about the resources therein.

LEAPS are aligned with the curriculum and advance teaching and learning standards through new resources.

LEAPS are collaborative efforts.

LEAPS offer students real life experiences with cultural resources and deeper understanding of content areas.

LEAPS offer students the opportunity for discourse and inqiry with artists, scientists, performers, historians and other specialists in their fields.

LEAPS open new doors for students to expand their horizons and prepare them for college and career readiness.

LEAPS involve three basic elements: preparation in the classroom, the cultural experience, and post visit classroom reflection.

LEAPS require an evaluative proces that provides meaningful information on learning outcomes and successful program management.

Why participate in a LEAP?

The LEAP development process assists education teams to develop programs aligned with the Common Core in Literacy and Mathematics as well as applicable state curriculum frameworks.

A LEAP collaboration educates all participants in the rich cultural history of Worcester.

LEAPS help create our next generation of divergent thinkers, contributing public citizens, artists, scientists, museum goers and concert patrons.

How are LEAPS approved and supported?

Existing LEAP programs complete self-evaluation on program mangement and self evaluation each spring. Results are submitted annually to the Worcester Cultural Coalition Education Committee for recertification. Self-evaluations due June 1st

Proposed LEAP programs complete a proposal identifying the needs addressed, the process to address those needs, anticipated resources and anticipated outcomes. Proposal are submitted to the Worcester Cultural Coalition Education Committee for certification. New proposals due June 15th